Construction works at the wooden cultural heritage building are being implemented according to the project. Condition of the wooden cultural heritage building was very poor until the start of construction works: foundation was fractured and wet, walls were cracking, the condition of roof and entablement construction was bad, roof and other items were replaced with non-genuine.

Most of restoration works on the façade structure (frame) and outside windows and doors are carried out (although according to the workflow of project outside windows and doors shall be inserted later on). During the roof restoration works, it was noted that the existing roof bearing structures must be strengthened, therefore, discussion about the situation and possible actions with the Cultural Heritage Department specialists have been carried out and strengthening of the roof construction was implemented. In general, major part of the roof restoration works also is implemented.
This building is characteristic architectural example of the Curonian Spit wooden residential houses. It has all old architectural elements - carved flying, modular construction (assembled from logs or square beams of various lengths, and, if necessary, also disassembled).  All restoration work is carried out using old (traditional) technology, so this project is unique in the whole Lithuania. In addition to ongoing restoration work, visual footage and written educational material about the unique construction technology is being recorded and developed, to be presented by the end of the project. It is expected that this will lead to later successful restoration of other similar buildings.


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